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What is a marriage record?

A marriage record is a any type of record or certificate that states the date and place where two individuals were married.

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What information can I find in a marriage record?

The information on these records will vary depending on the religion and the person entering the information.

You can almost always find:

  • Bride's maiden name
  • Groom's name
  • Date of marriage. (To see an example, click here)

You may also find:

  • Witnesses' names
  • Place of ceremony
  • Residence of bride and groom
  • Religions of bride and groom
  • Places of birth
  • Signatures
  • Ages of bride and groom
  • Names of parents
  • Groom's occupation
  • Name of minister

You can also order certificates to put into your genealogy research, as these can be very useful. Click here to find out more.

How would I use a marriage record to help me with my research?

You may want to know:

  • An ancestor's marriage date and place
  • A place of residence
  • A year of birth for the bride/groom
  • The name of a preceding generation
  • Who a child belongs to, if married more than once
  • Religious affiliations

Where can I find a marriage record for one of my ancestors?

For records starting in the 1500's, Parish Records is the place to look.

For records from 1837 - 2004, you can look at BMD Indexes .

You can also view marriage records online or on CD.

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